What is Kneeling Bus?

Kneeling Bus is a weekly newsletter about how the internet has transformed our relationship to physical space, one another, and our own selves. I’m an urban planner and lapsed tech guy who is constantly scanning the landscape for examples of those two domains colliding in fascinating ways. No matter how online we get, we still have to live in physical space—usually that means cities—and learning how to inhabit both domains simultaneously is more important than ever.

Most tech criticism is either too positive or too negative about technology, which I think makes it less interesting. Kneeling Bus operates in the ambiguous middle, the zone where most of the topics I discuss rightfully belong.

Every Friday afternoon, you’ll receive a shimmering diamond of an essay in your inbox that you can read in less than 5 minutes so as to launch yourself thoughtfully into the weekend.

If you are a human being who enjoys good writing, I’m certain you’ll enjoy Kneeling Bus. If your work involves cities, technology, or both—or if you just find those topics interesting—you’ll like it even more.

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Something I hear frequently from my subscribers is that my newsletter is the one they always read, and never a waste of time. We all have more than enough to read on the internet. I won’t publish something unless I think it’s excellent, worth reading, and no longer than it needs to be—the kind of newsletter I would be happy to find in my own inbox.

Most importantly, this newsletter is incredibly fun for me to write, and I think that makes it just as fun for you to read.

About Drew Austin

I’m a writer and urban planner based in New York City.

You can find me at @kneelingbus and kneelingbus.net.

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