#108: Grids, Ladders & Malls

First, an announcement: Today I published Kneeling Bus: A Series of Tubes, a compilation of 50 selected pieces from this newsletter. You can get it here. It’s an eBook (PDF format) with the essays organized into themed chapters and a foreword explaining a bit about why I put it together. It was a blast to assemble it and I’m thrilled with how it turned out. It costs $10, which I think is a steal—that’s just one month of Stratechery!—but you’re also welcome to pay more if you think it’s worth it (consider this my version of a Patreon). Most of you haven’t read most of these essays— if you’re a longtime subscriber, it’s possible you have, but even then you might find that this is a cool format in which to revisit them. And if you like it, of course, feel free to let some other people know, or even just

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