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Totally agree about the loss of the "suspension of disbelieve" with a lot of this stuff especially with Star Wars. Return really highlights this with the puppets song being replaced by Lucas's new "better" CGI's "Jedi Rocks" song, a whole new song that sounds, well like George Lucas's idea of what a alien popsong for 1997 should sound like. But in the original, with it's puppets and it not sound like, well mainstream Western music at all, it made one think, what sort of music would aliens actually listen to? I had a similar thought recently after I saw a Youtube short about Labyrinth. You could imagine Disney bastaradizing it to hell and back with a $200 million dollar CGI remake but one thing that makes it so great is stuff like David Bowie dancing with 50 puppets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6DJmp21vcQ it's something that's timeless for kids and adults (how did Jim Henson get all those people to do the hands things in the tunnel etc?)

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