Literally the first thought I had after thoroughly enjoying Substack for the first few hours was, How long until it becomes extremely shitty? I think on some level everyone expects digital spaces to eventually become trash – enshittification has become part of the deal of being online – but do you think there is any meaningful effort to make things less bad? Somehow I don’t think AI is going to make the internet more beautiful.

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Haha yes...anytime something is pleasant or aesthetically appealing online, we're waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don't currently detect any broad effort to fix this. There are obviously a lot of small companies and individuals making "less bad" things but growth seems to unavoidably corrupt in this way. Perhaps a broader economic shift away from VC-fueled growth pressure will lead to better incentives.

I don't think AI is going to make the internet beautiful either...the "cleaning up" process I describe in the post would be more of a superficial minimalism that attempts to paper over the enshittification - like the minimalism of a fast casual restaurant. Aesthetically, it might even be worse!

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